Patrick Moleke5 June 20204min
Every year around June 2 in Italy, the anniversary of the Festa della Repubblica Italiana (Festival of the Italian Republic), it is customary for the President of the Republic to honour those who have achieved distinction during the year. And since Maxime has been much talked about this year in the press for his outstanding […]


Patrick Moleke21 March 20202min
Shocked by the grim sight he experiences every day as he tries to do what he can to help the Coronavirus victims, Maxime Mbanda has not hidden his emotions. He couldn’t help but let the above-mentioned words slip out. What exactly did he see to raise this alarm? Contrary to the role he plays in […]


Patrick Moleke24 February 20202min
On Saturday 29 February, from 4 to 6 p.m., at the City Life International Church 1 South Parade, Shalesmoor, Shelffield S3 8SS, the UDPS Federation in the United Kingdom, the spearhead of the Party in the Congolese diaspora, is organising a meeting to celebrate two anniversaries that they consider very important in the life of […]